All I got is … a BENCH!

Note: Originally published 7/7/2017 on my old website.

You don’t need lots of equipment to get a great workout!

This series of exercises uses only a bench, and you can sub in a sturdy chair if you don’t have a bench.

Bulgarian Split Squats

(Too tough? Try a simple bench squat; Too easy? Use a “prisoner” position or add dumbbells)


(Want something a bit harder? Extend your legs. Dips too tough on your shoulders? Try an elevated pushup on your kitchen counter top or coffee table).

Plank with touch downs

(Too intense? Work on your regular plank, or holding the plank with your feet on the bench).

Bridges with back on bench

(or feet on bench)


Start with 3 to 5 rounds of 8 repetitions of each exercise, then progress to doing 12 over a few weeks.

How did your bench workout feel?