Bored of the squat?

Note: originally published 6/29/2017 on my old website

Try these body weight squat variations to strengthen your leg muscles and improve your balance.

Prerequisite: Make sure you feel comfortable performing the basic body weight squat, pushing your knees out and weight in your heels:

Prisoner Squat: Forces you to keep your torso upright

Split Squat: Challenges your balance

Prisoner split squat: 

Reverse lunge:

Walking lunge: Make sure your front knee doesn’t jut forward in front of your toes

Lateral lunge: Sit butt down and back instead of jamming your knee forward.

Curtsy lunge: Stepping back and out slightly (don’t step out so far that it tweaks your knee).

Offset squat: One leg is primarily working; other foot’s toe is in alignment with heel and acts as a “kickstand” without weight in it.

Skater squat: Front leg is working, back leg barely touches ground

Pistol squat:

Which variations did you try?