Lunch Break Strength Session

Note: Originally published Aug 9, 2017 on my old website.

Don’t have time to work out AND shower during your lunch break?

This workout is designed to maximize your strength building and minimize cardiovascular conditioning (more muscle action, less heavy breathing).

To do this, KEEP YOUR REPETITIONS LOW (8 reps or less) and INCREASE THE DIFFICULTY (by adding weight or trying movements at a greater intensity level).

Bulgarian Split Squat (5-8 each leg)

  • Use support for balance the first several times you try this
  • Keep the front knee BEHIND the toe
  • Keep torso vertical
  • Add depth, before adding resistance (dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance band)

Pushups (5-8 reps)

  • Do FEWER reps than you might normally do, but use a table/bench/chair that is LOWER than your normal height.
  • If you don’t have a taller tabletop to use, try knee pushups, but touch your chest to the ground
  • If you can already do several regular pushups, try negatives: Go super slowly on the way down, then quick and powerfully on the way up.

Glute Bridge with HOLD (5-10 each leg)

  • HOLD at the top for at least 5 seconds and SQUEEZE as hard as you can (note that the animation above does not show the hold)

Rows (6-8 reps)

  • Use a heavier band or weight than you normally do, but reduce the reps
  • SQUEEZE the shoulder blades together, keeping shoulders down
  • If you don’t have access to a band or weights, try the superwoman or I,Y, and Ts

Hope you enjoy your lunch break workout!