Energize: Quick pick me up workout

Note: originally published Aug 7, 2017 on my old blog

It may seem counter intuitive to exercise when you’re feeling tired, but movement may be just what you need to increase your energy level.

(Not sure if you just need rest? Check out this post on intuitive exercise).

Do a few rounds of the following moves to get your blood flowing and brain re-set for the rest of the day!

10 Squats

(bodyweight, or add a resistance band, kettlebell, dumbbell or barbell)

INHALE on the way down

EXHALE on the way back up

10 Jumping Jacks

I’s, Y’s and T’s (5 each)

  • Thumbs up to the sky
  • INHALE as you bring arms down;
  • EXHALE as you squeeze arms up overhead, over shoulders, and out to sides

10 Mountain Climbers (10 on each leg)

  • Keep shoulders over hands; prevent hips from popping up and down
  • Try doing them on elevated surface before progressing to the floor
  • Change speed to your desire

Enjoy your workout pick-me-up!