More Core

Note: originally published 7/19/2017 on my old blog

Ready to try some core strengthening exercises that aren’t the plank?

(And if you DO want plank ideas, check out this post).



  • Hands under shoulders, knees under hips
  • “Pack” shoulder blades down into back
  • Brace core and pull knees 1 inch above the ground

Once you can hold the quadraped for 30 seconds, try these challenging variations:

Quadraped opposite hand and foot lifts

Quadraped bird dog

V-Sit / Boat pose

On a bench or chair:

On the ground (progressed version):


  • Sit up tall, low back extended
  • Lift feet off the ground

Once you can maintain a V-sit on the ground for 30 seconds, try extending your legs:



  • Brace core and reach opposite arm and heel to ground
  • Do not let low back move up and down – keep it in it’s original, neutral position

After you’ve mastered the bent knee deadbug, straighten your legs and try again.

Leg raises with overhead press


  • Legs up in “tabletop” position (hips and knees both at 90 degrees)
  • Push overhead against wall and feel your core engage
  • One at a time, tap heel to ground
  • Like the dead bug, do not let your low back move

For some more challenging variations, move both legs at the same time, then extend your legs straight.

Which exercise made you feel your core the most?